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In today’s household there are more and more multi user environments. Kids are involved more and more with computers and electronic devices, games etc. With our Network Bundle Deluxe service we will setup and configure 2 desktop or laptop devices, configure a network share, and connect 1 wired or wireless device to your network. Take advantage of this great deal and call us now to schedule your appointment.

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What’s Included
Home Office Multiple Network Device Setup In-Home
configure 2 desktop or laptop devices.
configure a network share.
connect 1 wired or wireless device to your network.

What is Network Bundle Deluxe?

With a Private Cloud solution, you have servers dedicated exclusively for your use. You’re not sharing with anyone else. A virtualization layer runs on top of these dedicated servers, allowing you to create virtual machines and manage multiple virtual environments within your group of physical servers. This differs from a public cloud where you are sharing server space, bandwidth, and storage resources with many other companies and individuals.
It’s a love/hate thing. You love having powerful state-of-the-art servers to run your business. But evaluating, buying and managing servers is definitely not what your company is all about. You have better things to do than monitor your servers 24/7 and deal with issues like server storage capacity, memory upgrades, OS patches, and backups. And the capital expense of it all? Not loving it. If this sounds like you, you’re ready for a managed dedicated server hosting solution.
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