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We offer a variety of computer support solutions for your home, home office, or business in the Charlotte Metro Area.
Our services include computer troubleshooting, network setups, to basic installs. All services that we offer are reasonable and include set pricing for all computer repair services. We bill at a rate of $35 per half hour after the fixed allocated time for each service has been exceeded for unforeseen circumstance. Additional fees may also apply for locations more than 45 miles outside of Charlotte NC.
We have closely monitored the average time it takes to complete each service, in order to accurately gauge job completion time frames. This guarantees the service will be completed within a fixed price range. You will rarely be bill for additional charges.
This fee is used in the event that customers would like to have training after the computer has been delivered or picked up or simply has questions while the technician is repairing your system. One benefit to our customers is that we also offer free pick-up and delivery of the customers systems for those customers living in Charlotte NC. Just schedule your pick-up and we will do the reset. Contact us now to setup wireless networksinstall printers, or for a free over the phone consultation.