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During the initial computer diagnostic we troubleshoot your computer or laptop in order to diagnose what is ailing your system. After your computer diagnostic the next step is performing the repairs. As an added convenience we will even pick-up your computer and/or laptop and deliver it back to you once completed (only for customers in the Charlotte Metro Area).

*After the FREE Diagnostic a labor fee is charged to perform repairs such as: hardware installation and/or virus removal. All services has a flat rate allocated for a set period of time. Any service that extends outside that allotted time may incur additional fees.

How May We Serve You?

What’s Included FREE  Cost $95
Computer Diagnostic
Free Pick-up & Drop-off Service
Troubleshoot and test your desktop or laptop for problems
Determine if the problem is hardware or software related
Determine what part or software will be required to resolve the issue.
Leverage vendor relationships to provide you with discounted pricing
Remove spyware, malware and viruses if applicable
Upgrade your security to prevent future attacks
Fix your internet connection, firewall, or home network
Resolve any software conflicts
Make sure your peripherals are all connected and configured properly such as printers, PDAs, cameras and more…
Install new parts should you need them


What is Diagnostics?

Our technician will perform a Computer Diagnostic on your desktop or laptop to pinpoint the problem and inform you of possible solutions. It is important that we correctly determine what your computer issues are before we engage in repairing your computer or laptop.
By working with you we can correctly navigate to the root of what is needed to resolve your computer problem, saving you time and money. We will always advise you of our recommended course of action to take weather it’s purchasing a new computer or buying the software or hardware required to resolve your problem. In some cases it may not be worth repairing your computer but instead purchase a new one because the cost of the new technology is less than the cost to purchase what will be needed to repair your old system.
Here at PCM Tech Center we also value your input so if you mention to use a description of what your problem is and if in fact you correctly diagnosed your computer issue you will receive a discount on the repair cost. That’s right, we reward you for working with us to resolve your problem. The average turnaround time for all repairs is generally 2-3 business days*. You will not have to worry about being without your computer for extended periods of time.