CS Business Services

PC Mechanics has an array of services geared toward any small home based business to office which has or would like to have an network infrastructure spanning multiple sites. We offer affordable on-site maintenance plans custom tailored to your immediate and future needs. Prevent thousands of unbudgeted spending by allowing PC Mechanics to partner with you in your IT planning. This is done with scalable cloud computing solutions.

How May We Serve You?

What’s Included
Commercial Services In-Home
IT planning & Implimentation
Home or office technical support
Budget forecasting
*Commercial services are billed at a rate of $150 for the first hour then $35 per half hour there after for customers not under contract.

What is Cloud Computing?

Scalable IT
Cloud computing, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), has effectively leveled the playing field as far as IT infrastructure management and support goes. Now, even mid-size companies can reap the benefits of enterprise-class tools and service by utilizing hosted versus on-premise IT solutions.SaaS applications are hosted on a shared platform in a secure Tier 1 data center and delivered to end-users via the Internet anywhere in the world.
Easy Deployment
Because they are completely web-based, these solutions are quick and easy to deploy. What’s more, they require very little upfront investment, as there is usually no additional equipment needed.
Pay-As-You-Go Model
Because the software is delivered over the Internet “as a service,” the traditional software licensing model is replaced with a “subscription” model where the software is “rented” based on the amount of time it is used, multiplied by the number of seats. This “pay-as-you-go” model makes today’s SaaS solutions analogous to a utility: you only pay for the amount you use.
Quickly Scale Up or Down
The SaaS model can scale up or down on a monthly basis. It’s extremely efficient and practical for organizations who may not have enough employees (or have geographically dispersed locations) to justify traditional on-site, on premise solutions.