Software Installation

The technicians will install any purchased software. You can also have any other software installed such as a printer or promotional software that came with the computer.Additional fees may apply for the installation of the peripherals. The technicians will also update the computer to the latest drivers and updates if needed.

How May We Serve You?

What’s Included
Additional Installations Additional Software Install
Install of any additional software outside of initial install
Installation of software updates
What’s Included
Installing Operating System In-Shop OS Install
In-Home OS Install
Installation of blank hard drive that will be used to install the operating system on.
Format hard drive
Installation of Windows based operating system.
Update system to all the latest servcie packs & security releases.
Create desired user accounts (if applicable)
Test and verify PC hardware and software functionality
Free Pick-up & Drop-off Service


What software need can your Mechanic fix for you?

  • Install or upgrade your operating system
  • Install and configure new software applications
  • Re-install software on a new computer or after a major upgrade or crash
  • Setup or fix your email program
  • Resolve software conflicts
  • Improve performance by cleaning and compressing old files
  • Troubleshoot common software glitches
  • Identify the source of mysterious crashes
  • Provide software-specific user training.
  • We can also protect and enhance your computer by installing & configuring Antivirus or Anti-phishing software.
  • Spyware software ( If you don’t have virus or spyware software check out our Security & Privacy section of PCM Downloads )

Installation (or setup) of a program (including drivers, plugins, etc.) is the act of putting the program onto a computer system so that it can be executed.


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Because the requisite process varies for each program and each computer, many programs (including operating systems) come with a general-purpose or dedicated installer – a specialized program which automates most of the work required for their installation.


Some software can be executed by simply copying it to a computer and executing it with no further ado; no installation procedure as such is required. Other programs are supplied in a form not suitable for immediate execution, and require an installation procedure. Installation may include unpacking of files supplied in a compressed form, copying them to suitable locations, tailoring the software to suit the hardware and the user’s preferences, providing information about the program to the operating system, and so on. The installer may test for system suitability and available mass storage space.


Installation usually implies that once installed, the program can be executed again and again, without the need to re-install before each execution. Some software does not need installation at all. There is server-based software that mimics locally-installed software, and can be run inside of a web browser, using only the local system’s cache. This allows portability among computers with access to the server. This technique is often referred to as cloud computing.

Common operations performed during software installations include creation or modification of:

  • Shared and non-shared program files
  • Folders/directories
  • Windows registry entries
  • Configuration file entries
  •  Environment variables
  • Links or shortcuts