Add Device to Network

Add a compatible electronic device to your wired or wireless network with this service. We will install one electronic device such as an access point, print server, wireless range extender, game console, TiVo or Slingbox, on your home network. Expand your entertainment capabilities or storage capacity springboarding you into the future.

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What’s Included
Add Device to Network In-Home Network Device
Add an additional network device to your existing network
What’s Included
Added Devices In-Home Setup
The addition of wired or wireless devices such as wireless printers, extenders etc.

What is Network Devices?

Need to install a new device on your existing network? PC Mechanics can connect, configure, and test the newly added device to your system for you. Sample devices include an access point, a print server, a wireless range extender, game consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, and Wii, TiVO or Slingbox.