Home Office Network

Our Mechanics will come to your home or business and troubleshoot your network to find out why your network is not functioning correctly. Once we find the problem our Mechanic will inform you of the problem and what need to be done so that your network is working properly.

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What’s Included
Home Office Network In-Home Network Install $120.00
Setup home or office network by establishing a workgroup of up to 5 computers.
enable network resource sharing such as folder and print sharing.
Setup profile on each computer in the workgroup.
What’s Included
Added Devices In-Home Network Device Install $45.00
Install of any additional networked device outside of initial configration

What is a Home Office Network?

Are you ready to set up a wireless network in your home? Contact PC Mechanics to get it done quickly so you can start enjoying the freedom of your wireless home Network! By enabling a wireless network for yourself you would be able share files, printers, and even media. We will send one of our Mechanics who has experience in home networking and wireless configuration.
PC Mechanics will:
    1. Set up and configure your computer?s wireless router and network connection with your ISP
    2. Network anywhere from 2 to 6 computers or devices.
    3. Test each of your devices to ensure 100% compatibility
    4. Secure and encrypt your network so your neighbors or other hackers can’t get in