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If you are in need of network consultation our PC Mechanic’s will come out to your home or office and survey what network setting will best suite you. It is our focus to provide our expertise on how to best setup your home or office to conveniently link all your devices together allowing you to share your resources. Our network consultation will empower you with the knowledge of what will work best for you and what’s most feasible given whatever your budget may require. If your needs surpass the home or small office system please review Managed Services.

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What is a Computer Network?

A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of computers and devices interconnected by communications channels that facilitate communications and allows sharing of resources and information among interconnected devices. Computer networking or Data communications (Datacom) is the engineering discipline concerned with the computer networks.
The three types of networks are: the Internet, the intranet, and the extranet. Examples of different network methods are:
    1. Local area network (LAN), which is usually a small network constrained to a small geographic area. An example of a LAN would be a computer network within a building.
    2. Metropolitan area network (MAN), which is used for medium size area. examples for a city or a state.
    3. Wide area network (WAN) that is usually a larger network that covers a large geographic area.
    4. Wireless LANs and WANs (WLAN & WWAN) are the wireless equivalent of the LAN and WAN.
Networks may be classified according to a wide variety of characteristics such as topology, connection method and scale.
All networks are interconnected to allow communication with a variety of different kinds of media, including twisted-pair copper wire cable, coaxial cable, optical fiber, power lines and various wireless technologies. The devices can be separated by a few meters (e.g. via Bluetooth) or nearly unlimited distances (e.g. via the interconnections of the Internet). Networking, routers, routing protocols, and networking over the public Internet have their specifications defined in documents called RFCs.
Wireless network refer to any type of computer network that is not connected by cables of any kind. It is a method by which telecommunications networks and enterprise (business), installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into to a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using a transmission system called radio waves. This implementation takes place at the physical level, (layer), of the network structure.
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