Network Installation

Our technician will setup a basic network where you have a router configured to your PC or laptop.

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What’s Included
Home Office Network In-Home Network Setup $50.00
Setup home or office network by establishing a workgroup of up to 5 computers.
enable network resource sharing such as folder and print sharing.
Setup profile on each computer in the workgroup.
What’s Included
Configuring 1 PC to Network with 1-2 Software In-Home Setup $150.00
Configure 1 PC to Network
Install 1-2 Software Titles

What is Network Installation?

You love having powerful state-of-the-art servers to run your business. But evaluating, buying and managing servers is definitely not what your company is all about. You have better things to do than monitor your servers 24/7 and deal with issues like server storage capacity, memory upgrades, OS patches, and backups and the capital expense of it all? Not loving it.
If this sounds like you, you’re ready for a managed dedicated server hosting solution. This service offers managed dedicated server hosting solutions in a variety of hardware configurations tailored to your needs. Managed dedicated servers are the best way to ensure a high degree of reliability for your critical business applications. Servers & Operating systems will be proactively managee and monitoredd 24 x 7. You will have a team of experienced system administrators responsible for the first lines of system-level support and are capable of solving critical issues 24 hours a day. Click Here to find out more.