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Have you ever thought about building your own network to scale the growth of your business? If you have, PC Mechanics will partner with you in order to structure a scalable internal infrasture. Our solutions are driven to service small to large office locations. The rules of networking are changing by bringing next-generation technologies and proven deployment experience to customers demanding IT alignment to new business priorities. Innovating across the infrastructure will help your network break free from its historical walls, play a more integrated role, operate differently, and deliver far different economic benefits.
PC Mechanics will help our clients dramatically simplify their networks, deliver business services more flexibly, and aggressively contain costs to open up new opportunities for business growth and fulfill the promise of a unified, converged IT infrastructure.


You have many mobile users located in various sites throughout your enterprise. You’re in need of highly secure, scalable and resilient enterprise class industry standard mobile solutions.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

A key challenge for businesses today is the integration of communication and collaboration systems. The solution starts with a converged infrastructure and a network optimized for advanced applications.

Data Center

A comprehensive solution built on scalable, high-performance networking, management, provisioning, and security products and technologies, integrated with server and storage infrastructures.


PC Mechanics offers a broad range of access control and threat management security solutions designed specifically to protect and defend both the perimeter and the interior of your network.

Network Management

Our network management solutions span from basic-to-advanced device-handling capabilities including mapping, configuration and traffic monitoring across LAN, Wireless LAN, and Enterprise networks.


Deploy a unified portfolio of infrastructure, network management, security, communications & collaborations tools that enhance enterprise productivity while streamlining operational cost and complexity.

End to end unified networking

Confront the challenges of proprietary networks with simple, easy to manage end-to-end unified networking solutions that continuously adapt to meet your need and drive down cost.
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