Valve Gives Publishers Tools to Self-Discount Games

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Posted 02/26/2014 at 12:12pm | by Paul Lilly

Get ready for even more discounts

One thing you can’t accuse Valve of being is stingy with its Steam platform. It seems there’s always a Steam sale going on, making it easy to add to your games collection quicker than you can actually play through your titles. Well, guess what? If you thought Steam sales were frequent now, they could become even more commonplace now that Valve is allowing publishers to self-discount their games.

Valve announced new Steamworks tools for developers that will let them issue discounts whenever and however they like. According to the announcement sent out the Steamworks community group (and reposted on Reddit), developers can opt in or take part in upcoming week-long sales, select from upcoming promotions, and configure their own discount amount and date up to two months […]