Jury: Apple should duke it out with Google

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Jury members say Google didn’t factor into the verdict for this Apple v. Samsung case — but the Android maker’s role should be addressed.

tomdunham.jpgTom Dunham, the jury foreman in Apple v. Samsung, talks to reporters following the patent infringement trial. Shara Tibken/CNET

SAN JOSE, Calif. — If Apple believes Android features infringe its technology, it should battle directly with Google instead of handset makers, jurors from the Apple v. Samsung patent-infringement trial said.

Apple took pains to make its patent-infringement suit all about Samsung, not Android, but the jury wasn’t quite convinced. Members of the jury, who spoke with reporters and attorneys Monday following the end of the trial, said Google didn’t factor into their decision for damages and for what patents infringed and what didn’t, aside from testimony by certain developers who had created Google features.

But they also believed […]

HP Readies a Chromebox for a Spring Release

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Posted 02/07/2014 at 10:09am | by Paul Lilly

Google’s army of Chrome OS devices continues to grow

Are mainstream users ready to live primarily in the cloud? With all the Chrome OS devices coming out (along with the ones that are already available), this year will be a good litmus test for the platform. Joining the ranks of those offering a desktop solution is HP, the world’s second largest PC maker, which plans to launch a Chromebox in  the spring. HP’s Chromebox will initially debut in the U.S., though the OEM is mum on the price.

For now, HP just wants to let the world know it’s willing to look beyond Windows, if that’s indeed what customers want. The HP Chromebox will come in a variety of color options — Smoke, Silver, Ocean Turquoise, Snow White, and Twinkle Black — so […]

Back up your Schemer data and use these alternatives

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Schemer, the location- and idea-based app by Google, will be shutting down very soon. It’s time to pack up your data and move on to an app that is more stable and more useful.

January 31, 2014 5:51 PM PST

Google will be shutting down Schemer on February 7, 2014. After this date, all accounts and their associated data will be deleted. That means it’s time to back up your schemes before they’re wiped from existence.

You may have received an e-mail with a link to export your data. If you didn’t, you can do the export at this link. You’ll be directed to log-in to the Schemer Web site and request a copy of your schemes, which will be delivered by e-mail. Google says that the backup copy may take 24 hours to arrive.

The e-mail will have a list of the schemes you authored, the ones you wanted to do, and the ones […]

Google’s Motorola may be sold to Lenovo for $3B

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The Droid Ultra is one of Motorola’s key franchises in the US.

(Credit: CNET)

Lenovo is reportedly eying Google’s Motorola Mobility unit for as much as $3 billion, according to Reuters.

The Chinese company is in the final stages of talks to buy the Google division, which makes the Moto X and Moto G smartphones. The deal also includes the more than 10,000 patents owned by Motorola. An announcement could come as soon as Wednesday, according to the report.

A deal would instantly give Lenovo, which has a thriving smartphone business in China, but few other places, an established global brand. Google, meanwhile, would be able to shed a business that has continually dragged down its profits.

Google for Education: Kicking off 2014 with More Solutions Made for Learning

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Posted by Jaime Casap, Senior Education Evangelist, Google

In 2013 there was a tremendous amount of innovation in education — from new tools to increased access to more content. Throughout the year we had the opportunity to get to know more and more schools that decided to Go Google. To look back on the year, we compiled a few stories that people shared with us. You can find more stories in our refreshed website for schools.
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One thing we’ve heard loud and clear from educators and students across the globe was that they want more choices. They want a wider selection of devices, content and resources so they can choose the right tools for their particular needs. So to kick off this new year, we’ve worked with our partners to give schools more options for devices, classroom content and training resources.

K-12 Books in Google Play for Education
Google […]