4G: Ten Times the Speed with Twice the Risk?

By |May 16th, 2014|Categories: Mobile/Wireless Devices, Security, Tech News, Virus Alerts|Tags: , |

Time and chance overtakes us all, especially when it comes to technology. But the latest and greatest iterations aren’t always a steady stream of improvements on both ends, and can sometimes create new issues in the place of old ones.

This situation rings true when it comes to mobile phones. Ten years ago, consumers could safely place a call—albeit a slower one with less reception coverage—without worrying about putting their identity at risk. Today, consumers are likely checking Facebook, watching a video and surfing the web, in addition to making calls on improved networks. However, broadcasting information over a network using the same communication standards as the Internet may come at a price. That’s right, 4G uses the World Wide Web to transmit data, giving hackers more opportunities to intercept sensitive information.

4G is an important evolution providing amazing bandwidth enabling mobile users to stream music, […]