What is a Backdoor Threat?

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Did you accidentally leave the back door open? This thought can be scary because you know that leaving the back door open at home could allow someone to enter your home and take your personal belongings.

The same is true for a backdoor in the computer world. It is a vulnerability that gives an attacker unauthorized access to a system by bypassing normal security mechanisms. This threat works in the background, hiding itself from the user, and it’s very difficult to detect and remove.

Cybercriminals commonly use malware to install backdoors, giving them remote administrative access to a system. Once an attacker has access to a system through a backdoor, they can potentially modify files, steal personal information, install unwanted software, and even take control of the entire computer.

These kinds of attacks represent a serious risk to users of both computers and […]

Cybercriminals Just Warming Up for Sochi Olympic Games

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The World Wide Web is just that—worldwide. It allows multitudes of people from far-flung corners of the earth to come together, a fact that becomes even more apparent during global events. As the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are underway, security concerns are top of mind, and while many athletes and fans are on heightened alert for physical attacks, our increasingly connected world presents new potential for cyberattacks as well.

On February 4th, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, issued a web-security advisory to those traveling to Sochi for the Olympics—as well as those watching from the comfort of their couches. Whether in Sochi or at home, there are some ice cold cyber scams that spectators should be on the lookout for.

Olympic travelers—Prepare to be hacked

Due to Russia’s system of lawful interception of all electronic communications, US-CERT […]