Red Hat fortifies OpenStack suite, eases management for enterprise users

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Red Hat updated its OpenStack distro to the latest edition, and has partnered with NetApp and eNovance to advance OpenStack

May 12, 2014
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What do enterprises want to see in OpenStack? With its latest distribution of the cloud hosting software, Red Hat is betting that they want a streamlined installation process and carrier-grade reliability.

The company has also partnered with storage provider NetApp, as well as telecommunications cloud provider eNovance, to advance some core OpenStack technologies.

OpenStack “is not a science experiment any more. We’re talking real workloads that require predictable enterprise capabilities,” said Radhesh Balakrishnan, Red Hat general manager for virtualization and OpenStack.

The company has released a beta version of the next version of its OpenStack distribution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5.0, that includes the latest version of OpenStack, called Icehouse, which was released last […]

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday gives XP attackers a roadmap

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IDG News Service – For the latest round of Microsoft’s monthly collection of software patches, the company has fixed critical issues in Internet Explorer (IE) and Windows that have already been used by malicious attackers to compromised systems.

It is the software that Microsoft has not patched this month that is probably of greatest interest to attackers.

Overall, Microsoft has issued eight bulletins this month, fixing 13 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer and Office.

None of these fixes are for Windows XP or Office 2003, both of which Microsoft stopped supporting in April (except for those customers with extended support contracts). Many of the patches in this month’s collection do fix code vulnerabilities that probably originated in Windows XP or Office 2003, if not in earlier versions.

Studying what is being fixed with each month’s round of patches could give attackers an easy […]

Perception vs. Reality: Facebook Anonymous Login Feature

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Perception plays a huge role in many aspects of daily life. However, the reality of something is often not as powerful as the idea may have been—and advertisers as well as brands more often than not take full advantage of this fact. Privacy in the online world has become a precious, if not priceless, commodity, but sometimes the perception of privacy can be just as valuable.

Facebook recently announced at their f8 conference that they would be debuting an “anonymous login” feature to help users protect their privacy when logging into other sites with their Facebook account. This new sign-in option will serve as a complement to the existing “log in with Facebook” button available on many popular third-party apps and services. It allows you to login using your Facebook credentials, without sharing your information or activity with the third-party site or app.

In tandem […]

Your Commute Just Got Worse: Traffic Signals Are Hackable

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In 2003 heist film “The Italian Job,” a hacker manipulates traffic lights so that an armored car, containing millions in gold bullion, is strategically positioned for a quite brilliant and intricate theft. After his comrades loot the vehicle, the hacker then continues this manipulation—helping to facilitate the perfect getaway. The traffic light manipulation is flawlessly executed, but could such a thing happen in the real world? Well, (and you probably saw this coming) the answer is “Yes.”

With one notable exception, the Hollywood version of traffic light manipulation seen in “The Italian Job” is shockingly close to a real world example, one that came to light this week. Security researchers have just discovered that with the right equipment and knowhow, hackers can make traffic lights stay red, prolong (and shorten) green lights, or make red lights flash. They can also make electronic signs display the […]

URL Shortener Bitly Suffers Security Breach

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Last week, Bitly, a popular URL shortening service, announced a breach in security. The breach compromised user data—including emails, passwords, API keys and OAuth tokens. Though Bitly CEO Mark Josephson stated he doesn’t believe user accounts were accessed without permission, this could change if users do not act quickly to change their account credentials.

The reasons behind the attack aren’t clear. Perhaps someone simply wished to probe one of the more useful services out there for the fun of it. Maybe a hacker wanted to compromise the service for future endeavors. Regardless of the perpetrator’s intentions, the result is the same: users need to reset their passwords, and if you’ve linked Facebook or Twitter to a Bitly account, you’ll have to reset your OAuth tokens as well.

What are OAuth tokens, you ask? OAuth (which I discussed in my blog on the “Covert Redirect” […]

Study: Majority of Smart Homes Vulnerable to Hacking

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If you follow Internet and computer security news at all, then it should come as no surprise that many smart home systems are poorly conceived or configured and leave the homes in which they are installed exposed to a slew of serious security vulnerabilities.


At the risk of insulting your intelligence, smart homes are exactly what you think they are (think smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, etc): homes in which appliances, heating and cooling systems, lighting, smoke detectors, and/or door locks all connect to the home network, and ultimately the Internet, along with computers, phones and tablets, and all other comparatively traditional Internet-able devices. Such systems let users remotely monitor and manipulate systems in their homes.

Researchers have been poking holes in smart security systems and Internet-connected door locks and smoke detectors (and everything else with an […]